Saturday, August 1, 2009

How to Clean Brazilian Cherry Flooring

Nowadays, many people are choosing to install Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring (or as it is also know, Jatoba flooring) as an excellent addition to their homes. As such, people often are at a loss on how to clean their wood flooring. If you have ever had this question, you have definitely come to the right place for the answer.

Unfortunately, most people consider sweeping to be the extent of their wood flooring cleaning activities. However, if they take a few additional steps, they can increase their floor’s durability and appearance.

First, let’s briefly go back to the sweeping. When you do sweep, you should use a fine bristle broom. This will help you ensure you pick up all of the dirt and dust particles. In addition, you should also ensure you vacuum your wood flooring at least once a week. Of course, you will need to do more than just sweep and vacuum to keep you floor in great condition.

The type of wood flooring that you have makes a big difference in how you choose to clean it. As an example, if you have Brazilian cherry laminate flooring, you can simply use a bucket with a mop and some soapy water. If you have wood, and not laminate flooring, please do not do this. Very simply put, water is wood’s worst enemy. If you happen to get water on your wood flooring, you need to quickly dry to floor.

For those of you with Brazilian Cherry wood flooring, it would be wise to check with the producer of your flooring to determine which cleaning agent they recommend. If you are able to do this, you can increase the likelihood of your flooring looking its best.

Since you will be cleaning your dark colored flooring, you want to be very aware and cautious about the cleaner’s acidity. Believe it or not, the cleaner’s acidity can actually take the polish and lacquer off of the floor, if you are not careful. Besides this concern, you will also want to use a cleaner that doesn’t leave a residue or film behind, as this tends to give the flooring a dirty or blurry look.

Additionally, wood floor cleaner generally comes in two application forms: spray-on application and pouring it from the bottle. In order to get the most even application of cleaner, we highly recommend you use the spray-on variety of wood floor cleaner.

Lastly, ensure that you are following the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions down to the very last detail. Since the manufacture has done thorough testing of their product, you can rest assure that they know what they are talking about. If you follow their instructions, you can be guaranteed that your flooring will look stunning.

In summary, the Brazilian Cherry Wood Flooring Guide hopes that this has resolved any questions you may have had about how to clean your wooden floor. As always, please feel free to peruse the website if you have any further questions. If you do have a question, you would like answer, please leave a comment below.

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